Monica Weeks

Certified instructor

with 21 years of experience.

Mark Tomlinson

Lead instructor with 24 years of experience practicing and teaching TaiChi.

He is a certified instructor.

We practice The Yang Style Long Form of TaiChi. Yang style is gentle enough to accommodate fragile body types and vigorous enough to challenge advanced students looking for significant strength development. Each class begins with a round of Qigong to center the mind and body. The Qigong is a series of in and out breaths combined with sinking and rising to awaken the body to smooth slow motions.Then we proceed to a series of light loosening warm up exercises that encourage the synovial fluid to distribute through the joints for optimal joint function. We follow that with a round of slow breathing exercises to fully oxygenate the blood and relax the mind. This is followed by a short round of the first 22 postures of Tai Chi, called the “first section”, which is like a chorus in that these 22 postures are repeated many times through the remainder of the form. After a break we return to learn the specific details of each posture in the form. 

All of our instructors are here to help inspire both you and your practice. 

Due to the presence of experienced practitioners we can address the needs of students from complete beginner to advanced with many years of practice. Toward the end of each class we practice a full round of the 150 postures and end the class with another round of Qigong.  After a student has mastered the long form of 150 postures they are invited to learn and practice Double Sabre, Knife, Sword, and Cane. 

Our approach is to learn the principles and beginning postures slowly and gently which affirms our philosophy that the slower we learn the faster we learn. This slow approach deepens the physical benefits for both new and experienced students. We teach the applications of these postures which allow the student to understand physics of weight shifts, body rotation, sinking, rising, and staying the same

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Pauline Jauquet

Certified instructor

with 16 years of experience.

Connie herris

Certified instructor

with 13 years of experience.

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We're a unique class dedicated to  the essence of Tai Chi: an ancient Chinese practice that combines rhythm, slow breathing, balance, relaxed postures and calmness of mind. It is an art form for people of all ages and all abilities.